Networking (messaging a variable to remote player on hook)

Hello guys,

I’m developing a simple network multiplayer turn based board game. Below is the basic game board at start. Green starts first, selects a number of tiles, rolls dice and if it is higher than some number selected tiles turn into green. Then, it is red player’s turn. Very basic. So far, I completed the tile selection, rolling dice, winning or losing tiles, all done. I’m trying to build this game as a network game which can be played by remote players. However, I have a lot of basic problems regarding networking. I’ve watched hours of videos, checked tons of questions posted here and many other forums but couldn’t figure it out. What I need is simple pass messages (for example number rolled by other player). Do you have any tutorial or sample projects doing this? Please and thank you :slight_smile: I can share my files if you are interested.

you could try sending network messages

Thank you guys, I managed to do it with a Syncvar.