Networking, Scene dependent?

I’m tryin’ to wrap my head around the multiplayer concept, I have a login and ship selection screen, and then when selected, it loads the next scene, which is an ongoing scene for the server, that people are supposed to be able to join. But I’m having a problem, if the host is started, and in the battle scene, when the player then connects to the login scene, it then loads the models(player prefabs) in the login scene, where they can’t be, and they fall through the world. After the client picks a boat for the next scene, it is spawned, but the server and previous clients won’t show, since it already loaded them for the new client, but threw them through the world in the login scene after connection was made.

How do I only load the things on a scene by scene dependent basic?

What I usually do is not to send the information when the user connects and is loading the scene, but when the user has loaded the scene and has told the server it has done so through an RPC, the server then sends the information it should to the client and nothing falls through the ground… btw why would anything fall through the ground? Even on a client based networking solution the positions are only calculated by the owner of the object and estimated/corrected by all others.

Hope this helped