Networking useProxy Documentation Issue

The documentation regarding useProxy

ends with:

“IMPORTANT: You should never enable proxy support for both the server and the client connecting to him. Unexpected things are bound to happen.”

However, the code examples that follow in the same page describes using Network.useProxy either just before initialing a server on the host side, or before connecting to the network as client.

Can someone explain why?
Where is it possible to find a good Networking example with Proxy Server (and possibly Master Server); the community is asking since months and no answer to any post!

Thank you

I think the example is using the proxy in both the client and server just to show us an example on how to do it for each side, so if you want to use it at the server, you copy that part, and vice versa.

About the ‘unexpected things’ that might happen if you use it at both sides, unless you have password-protected the proxy it should work as usual. But the proxy will use more computing power, as it will relay client proxied packets to server proxy port, and then to real server, and the same in the other way.
If you have a password set for the proxy, it will be read at the first relay step and removed from the packet, so the packet won’t be accepted in the second relay. That’s the ‘unexpected thing’.

As a tip, if you want to use the proxy server as a way to allow all players to connect to each other, I suggest you to proxify the server, even if you have more things to do.
If you do it on the client, you will still have issues, as the proxy need to connect to server and cannot do NAT punchthrough, so if the server has no public IP it won’t work.