Networking why do I get debug error on disabled script?

I’m getting null exception on disabled script (Client)

Server is enabled script inside unity 3D and 2

clients are builded (disabled server script and enabled client script)

so far so good BUT.

when I start making RPC calls to update my position to other client position On client end works no errors so I presume as I could run around the map.

BUT biggest problem is server witch gives me NullReferenceException on the disabled client script (the error points me in to client script) why?

I know it’s builded that way IF client script would be enabled it would propably do that as it wouldn’t go through steps clients did BUT it’s disabled.

IF you need code ask BUT it’s very long code till now, … and I don’t think you’ll figure much out of it.

thanks in advance

RPCs use pretty rudimentary reflection code to execute those methods. I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see if the parent type is not checked and casted to a monobehaviour to see if its enabled… The quick fix would be to check yourself inside your RPC. Something like:

public void DoSomething() {
  if(this.enabled) {
    // do your stuff here