NetworkManager doesn't connect to LAN server

Our game is using the out-of-the-box network manager and network manager HUD. Normally, we run the game on one computer and click on LAN Host, and then type the IP into the other computer and click LAN Client.

Sometimes, it connects just fine.

Other times, it just doesn’t, with literally no change on our part. Rebooting the computer and restarting the program again seems to fix this, but there is zero reason why this should make a difference.

When the client connection is working fine, it displays “Connecting to: (IP) at port 7777”, when it’s not working, it just says "Connecting to: ". Again, no changes made to the program, IP is still typed in. Just sometimes it doesn’t connect.

Why is this?

Could be a problem on UNet’s part, but try to always click into the IP and Port text box to make sure it’s set. Otherwise, I don’t know what the problem is.