NetworkManager not allowing more than 8 player/connections

You can easily reproduce by creating a new unity project, adding the NetworkManager and NetworkManagerHUD to an empty object, then build the projects and open 1 server only window and 9 client only windows, only 8 of those 9 will connect. the 9th one will not connect and will not throw any error or exception.

Setting the maxConnections or the matchSize, does not solve the problem.
Connecting the players from different computers and internet connections doesn’t help, it’s the same on windows or linux, from a server or locally on localhost.

Anyone know how to solve this? I’m out of ideas…

I found out the problem was that NetworkManager by default uses the unity paid match making service. The default free plan has a connection limit.

To avoid that you need to use the HLAPI and implement the basics yourself, without using NetworkManager. Now I can connect more players.