NetworkPlayer in NetworkMessageInfo.sender is empty

The Server is getting a request to save some data include the NetworkPlayer of the sender over a RPC to use it late.

networkView.RPC("R_AskSave", RPCMode.Server);

function R_AskSave(info : NetworkMessageInfo){
	var test : SaveType;
	test.player = info.sender;

But it gives me

Object reference not set to an
instance of an object

I tryed so many things and i cant spot the problem …

A other way I tryed

networkView.RPC("R_AskSave", RPCMode.Server, Network.player, "TEST");

function R_AskSave(player : NetworkPlayer, x : String){
	var test : SaveType;
	print(x);               //Gives out TEST
    print(player);          //Gives out the correct
    test.player = player;   //Gives out an error

Do anyone know whats wrong ?


i tryed


and that gave me an error to
the SaveType class is set up like this

class SaveType {
	var player : NetworkPlayer;
	var time : float;

Found the problem …

switching this:

var test : SaveType;

to this:

var test : SaveType = new SaveType();