NetworkTransform moves on server but not other clients


I’m new to Unity networking, and I’ve been trying to get NetworkTransform working all day… The player objects being created all have local authority, are created via the default NetworkManager prefab slot, and have a suitable NetworkTransform syncing their RigidBodies and a control script which only executes for the local player.

The player moves fine on the server. I can see them moving around as I use the controls perfectly. The strange thing is, I don’t see this echoed on the other clients. All other player objects are sat wherever they were when the client first connected, and are not updated… I’m sure I must have missed something obvious, but I couldn’t find anyone with the same issue after some searching.



I’ve changed it to synch the Transform instead of the RigidBody and now all’s fine. Do you have any idea what I might have done wrong? The movement is done via the RigidBody…

I have the same problem when I have NetworkTransform attached to my local player object.