'NetworkView' is not suppored in Unity 5 ?


I installed Unity 5.0.0b9 (64-bit), But when I want to use 'Network View' component, I get the following error :

[**The commponent NetworkView can't be added because it is not suppored by selected platform**]

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Also when I want to build of the project, This message displays the console again :

[**'NetworkView' is not supported when building for Win**]

(*Note: I've attached the component in Unity 4, And now upgraded to Unity 5.)

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Is this a bug? Or changes occurred in Unity 5 ??

Thank you

UNET (Unity Network) is the new netcode framework being designed currently. It’s slated to release Soon™. Really cool stuff being added into it.
UNET Announcement article

It’s a bug, I read somewhere about it (Edit: The release notes for Unity 5, there’s a comment section at the bottom of it where the same question was asked and answered), they’ve acknowledged this and are working on it. Yea I’ve been fighting with it too because my entire project is Network based so I can’t even spawn in to test what I add XD

We’ll just have to wait it out, but it’s definitely being fixed

3th of March 2015, just ran into it myself, still not fixed :frowning: