Neural/Deep Networks for Unity


Maybe someone could point me in the right direction.
Ive been playing around in Unity for some time and now I would like to combine my new passion with my previous passion: Artificial Intelligence.
I have programmed some Pattern and Facial Recognition things in openCV for webcam and kinect, and also made some progress in programming/designing in Caffe and GoodAI.
Are there any Wrappers, Tutorials, Frameworks or other stuff to kickstart learning AI, NN and Machine learning in Unity?

If you’re familiar with OpenCV then I assume you already use for OpenCV in Unity.

Otherwise, I don’t really know of any “wrappers” as such - just use one of the many NN libraries that area already written in C#. I’ve used NeuronDotNet in the past, but in a current project that requires simple backprop ANN I just created a custom streamlined one - there’s plenty of tutorials on the 'net to help you.

I’ve used Reinforcement Learning from the library. It’s a C# library but with a little work you can make it work in Unity.

I have a machine learning plugin for Unity called Orbit - please feel free to take a look! Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making