New 4.6 UI system doesn't respond on clicks in some cases

Hi there. I have a resizable windowed app in unity. There is 2-3 cameras and screen based canvas with UI on it. When i change window height to near fullscreen (or maximaze the window) - i usually can’t click on buttons i have at bottom of screen. Sometimes it’s not only bottom buttons that is not working. Other buttons that are clickable doesn’t have strange behaviour like clicking area offset. And i can’t reproduce this in editor’s play mode - it only occurs in windowed mode on windows standalone executable (i didn’t try other platforms though). I have 4.6.2 by now but it was also in 4.6.1

PS: I just tried to run it under different initial resolutions - it depends on it somehow. I have this glitch when i have 1600 x 1024 for example, and dont on bigger resolutions. And sometimes there is offset problems i can see with buttons at bottom (like if i can click on part of button or i can click on button when cursor is out of it’s rect), and this glitch can appear/disappear when i do something with UI (click on some buttons or open/close overlay dialog)

I had the same problem. In my case, the reason was that I had both: TouchInputModule and StandaloneInputModule on the same gameObject. Just removing one of inputs solves my problem.

The new UI is very good but the anchor system is complex and often re-sizing it can cause panels to overlap and block buttons.

Try moving the buttons to the bottom of the Canvas in the hierarchy as that moves them to the front.

I managed to solve it by using Exclusive Mode on both DX9 and DX11 modes on the Player Settings, also on MAC used FullScreenMode :smiley: it solved the problem for me.

You can also try to disable “use Dx11” in the player settings, that fixed it for me.