new Array storing rotations

I have a scenario where I am iterating through gameObjects and storing their locations and rotations in arrays like this:

	for(var base in bases){
	    			if( == "type1"){
	    			if( == "type2"){

The issue I am seeing is that rotations are all stored as (0,0,0,1)…however, if those rotations are read into a builtin array like this:

gameManager.baseLocations1 = baseLocations1.ToBuiltin(Vector3);
		    	gameManager.baseRotations1 = baseRotations1.ToBuiltin(Quaternion);
		    	gameManager.baseLocations2 = baseLocations2.ToBuiltin(Vector3);
		    	gameManager.baseRotations2 = baseRotations2.ToBuiltin(Quaternion);

then the rotations are stored correctly.

Can anyone tell me why I’m seeing this? I am trying to upload the Arrays as joined strings (using Array.join), then ultimately pull them down somewhere else and use them to place objects on a map. The upload/download works perfect, it’s just that the format of the rotations is somehow getting zeroed out.

This had me scratching my head for a little while when I first started using Unity, too. It happens because the vector's ToString-method truncates the coordinates in Debug.Log when you pass in the entire vector/Quaternion at a time. Try to pass in the coordinates individually, like Debug.Log("x: " + base.transform.position.x + ", y: " + ... etc ) and you'll see that the coordinates aren't zero, you just weren't seeing the decimals before.