New Asset Store not sending account activation e-mails

I created an account within the new Asset Store, but never received an activation e-mail so when I log in and try to download an asset it states I have not yet activated my account. I have checked both my primary e-mail providers spam folder and my MS Outlook junk e-mail boxes, there has been no e-mail from Unity in either. I also tried to reset the password for the asset store account, and did not receive that confirmation e-mail either. I've received other messages/e-mails from Unity in the past, so I have to assume that the unity TLD is not being blocked by, nor my local ISP, but have no way of finding out further, for IF a domain is blocked due to spamming, I'll normally receive a meesage from my ISP.

Any help getting my account activated would certainly be appreciated.

Kurt I do not claim to have an answer. But I did have trouble finding my activation email. It had a subject of Unity New Account Activation. It was from the very first time I launched the asset store I believe. I did not get new activation emails when trying to purchase. Good luck!

also having the same issue, please advise

i didn't receive my activation mail either ! in the asset store at the bottom left it displayed my account-name/email address i clicked on it and i got a page where it displayed all sort of infos on my account and there was a Resend activation mail button.

i clicked it and i received have you guys tried that yet ?

Same problem here. I then started thinking that maybe we have to buy the Pro version to gain access to the store. However, I haven't read that anywhere, and that would be a rough thing to do to someone just experimenting with Unity. If I can't get the activation e-mail, I'll just send an e-mail to the Unity people and see what comes of that. It's almost as if they don't really want us using the asset store. Sort of like window shopping without a credit card or any cash...

For anyone trying to find Asset Store, go to Window on the toolbar and scroll down to Asset Store. Odd place to tuck that. There should be a direct link on the toolbar, not a drop-down. I also think it's odd that we can't just simply assess the Asset Store from the Unity website. It's really hard to find and use in any way. I can't imagine DAZ doing that with their store.

Pfft. I been trying for two days to get my activation email! holding up my project. Someone Please get this fixed?

can someone make video how to active your account and put it on youtube???

i have issue like that too

Don’t panic guys!I know how just resend your confirmation email and then you activate to your email account that’s all…,Guys go to sign up button then press the button down which it says “didn’t received confirmation email?” Then press resend confirmation then go to your email account and press at the unity technologies mail confirm account… for more info go here: - YouTube