New build errors with 0.6.2

After updating to VisionOS / Polyspatial 0.6.2 I am running into the following error when I attempt to build the XCode project:

2 duplicate reports for Sandbox: il2cpp(6932) deny(1) file-read-data /Users/ryanbednar/trident_v2/Builds/Il2CppOutputProject/IL2CPP/build/deploy_arm64/libhostfxr.dylib

I can get around that error if I disable User Script Sandboxing in the Build Settings (which might cause other issues), but then I run into 5 new errors of a similar type inside of the Unity Framework. These are along the lines of:

…/Builds/Classes/PluginBase/RenderPluginDelegate.h:3:10 double-quoted include “LifeCycleListener.h” in framework header, expected angle-bracketed instead

Has anyone else been able to successfully build and deploy a Fully Immersive app since updating to 0.6.2?

What hardware platform are you running on? This looks like an issue with mismatched platforms (using arm64 on intel or visa versa).

Also, are you running on a machine that may have tight restrictions or security in place that may require signing?

Maybe check in Settings → Privacy & Security and see if you need to enable something in “Developer Tools”?

I was building both the Unity and Xcode projects on a Mac with Apple Silicon. I can check to see if there was an arm64 flag somewhere that I missed.

I’ll take a look at Settings → Privacy & Security / Developer Tools also.

Its worth noting that prior to updating to 0.6.2 I was able to build and deploy with that hardware.

0.6.2 should have changed nothing along the lines with any of this. I’m not sure what would or could have changed to affect this part of the build system in any way. :frowning:

Would you be able to file a bug with a simple repro project that demonstrates this? At least then we can look at the same thing you are looking at and see what might be any issues.

Good news. I was able to resolve this on my own today.

I believe the issue was happening either to a compatibility problem with XCode 15.1 Beta 3 (which I had recently updated to) or some bad data in the XCode cache.

Either way, clearing out the XCode cache and switching back to XCode 15.1 Beta 1 got me back into a working state.

Thank you for the assistance!

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