New C# scripts fail to build

My game runs perfectly fine in preview mode, but if I try to build the system, I get the following error:

alt text

I've tried deleting the build directory, reimporting all assets, even reinstalling Unity, nothing works. Perfect in preview mode, does not allow me to rebuild. This is Unity 2.6.1 by the way. Any advice appreciated.

I had something like this. Try turning off virus scanning. If you hit Try Again enough, does it finally work? And yeah, 3.1 might fix it (I haven't seen the problem in a while). If it is the virus scanner, you may be able to exclude folders/files from the scan that interfere with Unity.

Unity may have gone a little insane for one of various possible reasons. (For me it usually happens when I change the project's name)

It happens to be sometimes but I'm a mac so I don;'t know what insane Unity looks like on a PC.

Try exporting all your assets as a uniytpackage,creating a new project, and importing that unitypackage.