new Color(); C# not working

I have this portion of code that is suppposed to use a custom rgb color when the mouse hovers over the text but it just uses white instead is there somthing wrong with my syntax??

 void OnMouseEnter()
		GetComponent<TextMesh> ().color = new Color (207, 181, 59, 255);

Color takes float arguments where 1.0f is equivalent to the max color given the current bits per color. For instance, an A8R8G8B8 (most common) has 8 bits for each color, with a max of 255, or 1.0f. So divide your numbers by 255. But if your color buffer was R5G6B5 for a 16 bits per pixel buffer, 1.0 would be equivalent to 31 for R, 63 for G, and 31 for B.

Or use Color32() which uses 8 bit colors, so the numbers you have here will work.