NEW! Creator Kit: Beginner Code

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Welcome to the fourth Creator Kit - Beginner Code.

Creator Kits are short step-by-step tutorials which enable beginners to gain a good understanding of Unity.
This Beginner Code kit introduces you to the fundamentals of C#; from understanding how to read a script to creating your own variables and adjusting the gameplay in this top-down action RPG.

Explore the town of Rancho Rodadora and do some feisty gardening as the rakish sheriff Moose, defeat Cactus Nails and battle Cactus Bossy in the example game that accompanies this beginner code project.

Let us know what you think of the project, any problems, issues or delightful insights. Help us make our content even better for you. Check it out on the learn site Here and Asset Store Here

Thank you :)


Okay..Lets Learn..On standard way

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Can't find it in my projects tab, my friends have the same problem. I can find the previous ones tho

got the same problem i think its the unity version i have installed. going to install reccommend version

edit:- nope i dont see it in the list still

Hi there, for some reason I am also unable to find the project in my unity hub, is there an alternative manner to download the project?

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Hi, We've updated the links on the forum post as well as added the project to the Learn Tab on the Hub

I think there is a step missing. After we implement the myLootAngle constructor, there is no explanation as to how to use this in the Spawn function to actually set the new angles. Either it's missing or I am blind.
I managed to figure it out, but it was pretty frustrating, because I did not know, if I had made a mistake.

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Hi, We've updated the links on the forum post as well as added the project to the Learn Tab on the Hub

Hi Aurore, thanks for the update. I am able to see the project under the projects tab but it has no option for me to create an instance of that project, when I click open in unity from the website it shows me the project but no download for the files, just view tutorials.


This is fixed now, you can also download the assets from the link on the tutorial page


Also from the Asset Store here


This is fixed now, you can also download the assets from the link on the tutorial page

Also from the Asset Store here

Hi Aurore,

I am able to see it now. Though it took a little longer than expected, as in I read the post and then went back and forth and option was still missing, if somehow possible its still a glitch or my unity hub did not sync correctly, what I did before it showed me the button, I created another project and clicked through asset store to download and then when I opened unity hub again, under projects when I clicked on it, it showed me the option to download project. (In case anyone else in similar boat as me at the time.)

Thank you for your help, much appreciated.

The project looks great, but I'm facing some problems with the terrain.

When I open the scene, depending of the angle I'm facing, the terrain appears to be rotated.
And in game, I cannot see the terrain.

Any ideas of what could it be ?





Your Scene view is showing the Game User Interface (GameObject “GameUI” in Hierarchy).

In Hierarchy, select GameObject “MikeMoose” from Character dropdown, move your cursor over the Scene view and press the F key.

The problem is with the terrain, not the UI.

Why not using an enum on Attributes ? (strength, dexterity and so on)

Caught a small typo on Introduction to Classes - Step 4

"You can access different these variables in the hierarchy using a period or full stop; this is called a dot operator."

Just finished the tutorial! Very cool stuff, C# is one matryoshka nesting doll of a concept very cool!
Thank You Unity!

You're absolutely right -- I'm sorry for the frustration. The tutorial has been updated with the missing step.

Thanks for flagging this -- it's been corrected. :)

That's great - Thank you for sharing! :)

wouldnt a video tutorial more efficient instead of a written one?


You are right Devision4 - I do agree with you!