New feature announcement: "Copy Config Settings"

We are adding the ability to copy Remote Config Settings from one Environment to another, also known as “Copy Config Settings”.

Copy Config Settings allows you to copy over one-to-many Remote Config Settings (key, type, value) from a source config to a destination config. This action is strictly additive and will not allow you to delete or alter the key or type of a Setting that already exists in the destination config.

If the destination config does not have the Setting, the Setting will be added in its entirety. If the destination config does have a Setting where both the key and type match, then the value of the Setting will be updated in the destination config with the source config’s value. Remote Config will not allow Copy Config Settings to run if the Setting’s types do not match.

Copy Config Settings is available via the Remote Config API and also through the dashboard. You can find it by navigating to any Config, selecting the More Options icon, and selecting “Copy Config”.

As the number of Environments increase in a given Unity project utilizing Remote Config, the feedback we heard are that developers are looking for easier ways to manage data flow between these Environments. Although Remote Config does provide some tooling to do this today – notably through the Import / Export feature in the Remote Config dashboard – Copy Config Settings brings additional automations that will make it easier and safer for you to employ in your typical processes.

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