New feature: Push Messages for C# Modules

We are excited to share a new feature for Cloud Code C# Modules: Push Messages

You can now push custom messages over a web socket connection directly to game clients, whether to individual players or to all players currently connected to your game.

What you could do with Push Messages:

  • Build realtime game logic
  • Create asynchronous games and streamline their game logic
  • Push new remote game configuration down to all connected players
  • Force all game clients to logout and reset
  • Send invites or challenges to you players
  • Notify all currently active players of news or updates
  • Add items or objects in your game
  • And much more!

Please note that Push Messages and Push Notifications serve different purposes in your game. While Push Messages target players who are actively engaged in gameplay, Push Notifications reach devices when the game is either inactive or operating in the background.

Check the documentation for Push Messages here.

Please share your feedback in this thread so that we can continue improving our products and features for you!


When I use Push Messages according to the official documentation, I encounter some problems. When I run the game for the first time, I can normally receive push messages. However, when I run the game again, I cannot receive push messages. But after waiting for a while, I can receive push messages again when I run the game. So, I cannot receive push messages continuously now. Did I do something wrong? I am following the examples from the official documentation completely.