New forum section: Unity GUI!

Hey all, given that we have an all new GUI system in Unity 2.0 on top of our pre-existing GUIText and GUITextures there seems to be clear need for a new forum section:

Unity GUI

Please drop in and learn all about making in-content GUIs!

Not to encourage fragmentation of the forum, but in the same vein, Can there be a new section for Networking?

We're considering that but thought we might wait for a little more of a "critical mass" to make it happen. There have been a lot of GUI-related discussions and we also wanted a place to share GUI skins, the new UnityGUI area was born. I think a Networking/Multiplayer one will follow soon enough...

Good idea guys 8)

I'd definately be interested in the networking/multiplayer one. I'm about to have to write my own session management/networking stuff in the New Year, and I anticipate I'll need all the support I can get.

Perhaps we can even get a community-based open source type of deal running to make uptake that bit easier?

Another vote for a separate networking subforum

yes please, another vote for networking section :)

Thanks for all the requests guys, let's not keep them going here as I don't want them buried in this thread in particular.

I hear you, request received. :smile: