New GUI: Clicking only when in range

In my space shooter I am trying to make Doom3-like consoles using 3D world positioning of new gui, but unfortunately I’ve found that you can click console from the other side of the room. How do I fix that?

If you are using a GUI Text Object in the scene to represent this console, try giving it a collider set to a Trigger. Create a script with the ‘OnTriggerEnter’ monobehavior that pulls the ‘Tag’ of the player. Obviously, set the Tag of the player to ‘Player’ or something of the sort. Then, if the Tag of the object coming into the trigger area is ‘Player’, flip some boolean value called ‘Clickable’(for example) to true. Use this boolean to encase the rest of your console interaction script and you should be golden after adjusting the size of the collider in the scene editor.