New GUI: retrieving password from InputField

I encoutered strange problem when using new GUI to create login page of my networked game. When I try to retrieve password from UI.Text component, I just get covering stars, ie. my password is ‘1234’ and I typed it correctly, but I get 4 stars instead. Why is that? How to pull password out of a text component?

As of 4.6.1:

“the .value was renamed to .text and .text to .textComponent. you need to use .text now.”

You have to use InputField.text not Text.text

Even better, you can use OnValueChanged (notice: in the single popup there are dynamic string and static parameter options, use the one with a dynamic string).

Ugh, feel like an idiot now as I found my answer literally 3 minutes after asking, should have tried harder. I will leave this for future reference if someone hits the same problem: you need to use


instead of


This does the trick.