NEW GUI Toggle to open up other buttons

I’m making an HUD with the new GUI system on version 5. There are various attack buttons that are disabled initially until you press one toggle button which will enable them.
I have two questions really:
Can this be done inside the editor as with making the buttons? Or should it be done through coding?
I thought maybe the toggle group would be the answer, but I was mistaken.
If it it to be in code, does anyone have some thoughts on how to do it?

Your button has by default a Button Script. At the bottom of this component there is an OnClick(). You have to create a script and attach it to any gameobject so that it is running. In that custom script you have to have a GameObject that you assign to this panel you want to show/hide. Then you have a public void that toggles this panel

(ie. panel.SetActive(true/false);).

Then on the button in the OnClick() section you press the + button, select the gameobject that has your custom script, and then with the dropdown select your class and the void you just wrote.