New input system breaks UI

As in the title, I have a project that is using the new input system. Input is working fine in the game scene. I then created a new scene for the main menu and the UI is not responding to input.

I have tried with the original EventSystem and with the replacement script that’s supposed to work with the new input system but it still does not work.

Why doesn’t it work and how do I fix it?

I’m assuming you’re controlling selected ui elements through script? Then i don’t really know but i’m interested in seeing an answer to this problem

P.S make sure your input is getting enabled :slight_smile:

I had this issue, and apparently, if you are using the PlayerInput script, you need to hook the UI Input Module field up to your EventSystem (nowhere did I see a warning or document explaining this. Found it by luck).

The problem I am currently having is I cannot use UI elements while Time.timeScale = 0f;