New Input System: Can't set binding path anymore

When I first created my project, I was able to setup binding paths for each of my inputs. Now, all I can select is this “Usages” thing which redirects me to a list 10 options.

The options (none of which are buttons I can use):


The “Listen” button also no longer works, and will never find the button which has been pressed.
This is all just very eerie and annoying, and any solution would be gladly welcomed. Thank you all!

Turns out it was due to a bug. I had set a Processor on one of my thumbstick inputs. Removing it and re-adding it brought up the correct menu.
Correct menu now appears:

Unity, plz fix.

For those still having issues you may have added a Supported Device.

Got to Edit > Project Settings > Input System Package and delete any Supported Devices found there.

That fixed it for me.