new Input System iOS Attitude

Hey Unity team,

I already liked to use the new input system, but once I decided to try sensors with iOS I faced some issues:
When I enable and read values from Gyroscope.current, it seems fine. However, when I attempt to enable AttitudeSensor, I already face problems. I double checked:
but I also checked Apple’s iPhone XR page, where it is written that it has no such a sensor. But I wonder how Input.gyro.attitude works fine then? Look here:

 //# if UNITY_IOS
 using Gyroscope = UnityEngine.InputSystem.Gyroscope;

/* ... */

    // it works fine
    var gyroscope = Gyroscope.current;
    if (gyroscope != null)
           Debug.Log(gyroscope.enabled ? "Gyroscope is enabled" : "Gyroscope is NOT enabled");
    // it doesn't work at all – because attitude is null ... I checked it later with else after that block
    var attitude = AttitudeSensor.current;
    if (attitude != null)
           Debug.Log(attitude.enabled ? "AttitudeSensor is enabled" : "AttitudeSensor is NOT enabled");

I had a similar issue earlier where the AttitudeSensor would do absolutely nothing on iOS. Fixed it by going to Edit > Project Settings > Input System Package, creating a settings asset with the button there, then checking the Motion Usage box for iOS and filling in a description.