New input system local multiplayer: move the second player


This is my first post here on the forum, please let me know if I break any rules.

I’m currently trying to move from the old input system to the new input system.
I have two players on the screen at the same time. One should be controlled by WASD+Spacebar, another by ARROWS+Numpad0.

What I did was to create 2 ActionMaps. One called PlayerOne and the other PlayerTwo:

Each player has the correct ActionMap configured on the editor instance:

The problem is: When both of them are present on the same scene, only Player_1 works. Player_2 events aren’t even called. Testing, I deleted the Player_2 prefab from the scene and then changed the Player_1 controls to PlayerTwo ActionMap (the one which should control the player two) and surprisingly it works as expected, player_1 is now controlled by ARROWS+Numpad0.

Am I missing something?

Here is the implementation of Player_1 and Player_2:

 private Vector2 _iMovement;
        private void Update()
    private void OnMove(InputValue value)
            _iMovement = value.Get<Vector2>();
        private void HandleMovement()
            var direction = new Vector3(_iMovement.x, _iMovement.y);
            transform.Translate(direction * (speed + _speedBonus) * Time.deltaTime);
            transform.position = new Vector3(transform.position.x, Mathf.Clamp(transform.position.y, -4, 0));
            if (transform.position.x >= 11.1)
                transform.position = new Vector3(-11.1f, transform.position.y, 0);
            else if (transform.position.x <= -11.1)
                transform.position = new Vector3(11.1f, transform.position.y, 0);

Well, although this won’t solve your problem, I experienced a somewhat similar problem.
On the pre-version it was working fine but on the latest the second controller won’t fire any events.

Anyways you don’t need separate ActionMaps. One should be enough, please check this New Input System With Local Multiplayer in Unity - YouTube ( title: New Input System With Local Multiplayer in Unity ).

Also, make sure that you have separate ControlScheme for Keyboard/Controller.

hello there I am facing the same problem at the moment and I couldn’t solve it I just discovered that when you ever add a second player the input for the first player will not send I still I didn’t figure it out
please could you f you solve this problem to share the solution of it