New Input System: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is completely broken.

I’ve been experimenting with using the New Input System for gamepad support but when trying to use the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (with USB) I find that it’s completely messed up. Not only is it reading seemingly random inputs, but most of the buttons don’t seem to be mapped to anything at all. The only exceptions I was able to find were the left shoulder buttons, which seem to be reading as the left analog stick. I also tried using an Xbox One controller and it worked fine. I don’t have a PlayStation controller to test, so I can’t say if it’s a problem with the Switch controller specifically or if it applies to other gamepads that read like an Xbox controller.

Try checking Steam and make sure Pro-Controller Configuration support is disabled. When this is enabled, the Pro Controller acts like a mouse and causes Unity to freak out. Worked for me

Yes, players are having this problem with my game as well. Wireless Pro controllers work fine, and wired and wireless Xbox controllers work too. It seems to be only Pro controllers. It’s kind of frustrating how the developers are overlooking this stuff. It’s not the first time. This Input System is on the right track compared to the Input Manager, but I feel like they keep dropping the ball with this stuff. Sorry if this isn’t much help. I hope this issue gets resolved though.

This is still broken, and it’s obviously nothing to do with the hardware or the OS. picks up the controller easily and detects all inputs correctly, both on OSX and windows, indicating that the chrome team have implemented game pad handling correctly where the unity team haven’t.
It’s frustrating that this has been reported in so many different places and I haven’t even seen an acknowledgement that it’s an issue yet.

Is there still no fix for this?

Has anyone found a solution yet??