New input system, problem with rebinding

Hello. I followed the video about the new input system and I init this into my project but I got problems with rebindings keys.
My interact input is on the “E” key, and my crouch input is on the “C” key. When I perform interactive rebinding on crouch input and I press the “E” key there are errors. If I rebind the crouch input on the not occupied key everything works. So basically If I perform rebind on already occupied input there are errors

The error is made by “currentBindingInput” because “controlBindingIndex” is -1. I don’t know why it happens.

private void UpdateBindingDisplayUI()
        int controlBindingIndex = _inputAction.GetBindingIndexForControl(_inputAction.controls[0]);
        var currentBindingInput = InputControlPath.ToHumanReadableString(_inputAction.bindings[controlBindingIndex].effectivePath,
        Sprite currentDisplayIcon = deviceDisplaySettings.GetDeviceBindingIcon(_playerInput, currentBindingInput);

        ToggleGameObjectState(bindingIconDisplayImage.gameObject, true);
        bindingIconDisplayImage.sprite = currentDisplayIcon;

Ok nvm, i just update the new input system to newest version and everything works.