New Line Renderer system with moving object.


I’m currently developping a game, and have been losing 3 evenings on this problem, right after updating to version 2018.2.5f1.

I just want to draw a line between two moving objects. One of them holding the LineRenderer component. Until now, everything worked perfectly, and I only had to set both point location to my two moving objects location.

Now I can’t get it to work anymore, whether I use “world position” (object holding the LR can’t move…), or if I disable it, and do some coordinate substraction with the LR holder’s one.

Why did you have to change LR’s behaviour, and how can I get it to work ? The only thing working is having a separate third GameObject holding the Line Renderer, which I find stupid.

I’m in my game instantiating “turrets” prefabs, with Line Renderers already attached.

I couldn’d find any answer on the forum. Will I have to downgrade Unity, just to get the old LineRenderer back ?

Thank you.

Can you file a bug report, please? The behaviour should not have changed the way you describe.