New Moderation JS template in Cloud Code

Hello Cloud Code users!

We just released an update in Cloud Code, we added a new template to let you customize your Moderation Custom Actions.

Custom Actions allow you to create your own Moderation Actions/Sanctions to better manage your community.

Create your own actions from Moderation dashboard and configure a Cloud Code JS script to execute on those actions. This feature will enable you to leverage Cloud Code as a link between Moderation and UGS Services, for instance you will be able to create a Moderation Custom Action to:

  • Deduct a currency from a player with Economy,
  • Impact your player’s data on Cloud Save,
  • Remove them from a leaderboard,
  • And many more...

So check out our documentation and feel free to give us your feedback!


9603443--1361570--Cloud Code - Moderation.jpg