New Muse Generator screen is not rendering anything

I have just taken the preview package and download to a clean empty project.
There is nothing as rendered in New Muse Generator window.
Unity version:
Unity 2022.3.3f1

Muse Version: 1.0.0-pre.2

Thank you for your interest in Muse Texture and Sprite, @olcaydaser!

It looks like you are on the right Unity Editor version as the minimum requirement is at least 2022.3 LTS (or later).

However, we have recently pushed the latest Muse Sprite updates and is now on 1.0.0-pre.4. So I wonder if package version mismatch is the issue.

Perhaps you may want to create another empty project and try manually installing the Muse Sprite package again? (Or if you want to try using your current project, remember to uninstall all of the Muse packages: Muse Common Library, Muse Texture and Muse Sprite before trying the following steps.)

In the Package Manger, click on the [+] button and choose Add package by name, followed by typing these in then click on the Add button:

Package name: com.unity.muse.sprite
Package version: 1.0.0-pre.4

Package Manager Muse Sprite

This should install the correct Muse Sprite package and allow you to start generating Sprites in the Sprite Generator. Hopefully this works for you? Let us know how it goes!

Hi. Can you help me?