New Object - Circle

If I Press the “Create” button in the Hierarchy Pane, I will see several options. One option is a “Sphere”, another one is a “Plane”, and there are numerous other options. I am guessing each one of these ‘options’ represents a new object to be created. Unfortunately, there is no new object representing a circle.

So hopefully, this question has not been asked earlier, mainly because I was unable to find this question a few seconds ago. How do I create a new circle object? In the case this question has already been asked, please just answer this question with a link. Otherwise, I look forward to hearing your thoughts and answers.

The short answer is that if you want a circle mesh, you need to create one in a 3D modeling program, or use some sort of code to generate a circle mesh. The longer answer is that there are many ways of creating circles-like object: using circle shader, creating circle texture in Photoshop and attaching it to a Quad, and drawing circle with lines. The closes thing in Unity to creating a circle mesh, is to modify a cylinder:

  • Create a Cylinder game object (GameObject > Create Other > Cylinder).
  • Set the ‘x’ rotation to 90.
  • Scale the X and Z to set its size
  • Set the ‘Y’ scale to 0