New - Objects In Build Are Running Slower

Hi, this is my first post here. So my class and I are making a Space Flight game in Unity. Im still fairly new to all this, so bear with me. Basically in a nut shell everything works fine in the test bed, and then when I build it in a standalone my ship goes very slow compared to the speed that it moves in the testbed. So far I have found it could be compression, so I messed with that and fixed one issue, but I am using a box atm. The only things in this scene is a Box ( The place holder for the plane) and a Terrain. Also, my computer is not slow and I have a pretty decent graphics card, but I do not think it is a graphics issue.

Are you sure it’s a performance issue? If the framerate in your test project looks okay, you might be barking up the wrong tree. It’s also possible that your script has some subtle error which is only being exposed in the standalone build – for example, if you make some call that only works in the editor, but errors out in standalone, parts of your scripts may not run correctly.

If you can, you might try checking profiler and log information. If you’re seeing warnings and/or errors, take them seriously.