New Platform Game Villager's Saga

Hi people:
I am working in my first unity project, a platform game "Villager´s Saga". I have a little demo for testing in ( I have builded most of the scripts myself in order to learn more. But most of the sprites are free to use Assets, a few have been made by me. I would like to have some feedback and if you find it fun, please let me know in the blog I made or here. Because if it have future I will start making sprites and more levels.

The game is about a villager (A woman inspired in age of empires 2 villagers) that have to find the missing sheeps of her village. She will have to fight wolves, boars and bandits. And solve any problem on her way along forest and mountains. You may also upgrade her at the end of any stage.

Thanks for your time :)

Provide a web player and I'll provide detailed feedback ...

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Same here. Having to download a file each time someone wants their game to be tested is quite the bother.
Give us an update once you've done it, I as well will give it a try ;)

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Its also a major security risk.

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ok! I will work on that ;) thanks for the comments. I am finishing a new stage and then I will look into that.