New player set up error in stealth project

Hello developers, i just set up a custom player character for unity stealth project. It runs but the problem is, player not being detected by enemies. Showing this error in the DonePlayerHealth.CS script file. I have even added the health script to the player already. Yet showing this error.How to solve this?

I don’t know exactly how the project is made. But you should most likely not add scripts that were not added yet in the tutorial. Because something is wrong in what you have before adding the script, not after, see?

Also, make sure you define that tag correctly, depending on how the code is written this could cause your null reference exception as well… I see it is an error in the sighting script. So check this out first.

Could you show what code you have that is responsible for the detection of the player? I don’t fully understand how you can not have the health script attached (I understand that in the tutorial it is working without the health script) and yet have this code.