New project is taking a very long time to load

Today, I downloaded and installed the latest version of Unity, and once everything was set up and running, I tried to make a new project. After pressing Create, it began loading, but nothing really happened. I waited for nearly fifteen minutes, but the loading bar indicated that, still, it hadn’t even begun to load at all. Afterwards, I restarted my computer and deleted the existing files for that project, then tried again, but the exact same thing happened. Is this normal? If so, how long do I have to wait for it to open? Like I mentioned, this was a new project, so it couldn’t have possibly had anything in it besides the starting template/whatever the projects have to begin with.

For context, my computer has roughly 7GB of available storage right now (after installing the program), and 8GB of memory.

Thank you in advance! I’ve never used Unity before, so I’m very new to this…

I have the same Problem with my Project and Have only Made One Script File for my Character Called Player Manager. I have I terabyte Hard Drive With Lots of space my computer Memory is 4 Gigs and my Project Takes a Long time to load. I am using Visual studio 2019 For My editor. When I swop between the Editor for Unity and Visual Studio 2019. The Project takes a long time to Compile the scripts. I have had to Exit the Unity Editor quite a fare Amount of Times and Reload the unity Editor. What Can I do? and How to Solve the Problem. I am starting not to enjoy using Unity for making a Game. What tools are there to speed up loading Scripts and the Unity Editor.