New Scene (Accidental overwrite?)

Hello. I’m a new idiot to Unity.

Brief question: I accidentally managed to hit ‘new scene’. Has this created a new scene like Word might create a new document, or has this just wiped clean what was in my existing scene? If the former, where should I be looking to find my previous work?

Having not saved anything after my slip, I reloaded the project, but the scene is still the new one.

I can reload from a slightly outdated backup, but I’d like to understand what’s happening for future reference.


Assuming your original scene was saved and you didn’t save the new scene with the same name, it should show up somewhere in your assets folder. Just double click to open it.

I had the same problem I accidentally hit cmd+N and unity created my scene and every-time I reopen my project it shows me the new scene. I cannot access to my old one. (I didn’t saved that new scene project. I just immediately close the project). please help me asap! @Dave-Carlile @irny