New scene for minigame or not?

Hey there,

I had a quick question, in my game there is going to be a segment where when you complete an objective you get to play a little mini game as a reward, should I just have this in the same scene or have a totally new one?

The deciding factors are that it must be fast, hence not too much loading,

There are also going to be more than one variation on the mini game so that's why I think having a different scene would be good, but would it have to fully reload the original scene after the mini game scene?

What do you think?

thanks so much for your help


You could always develop it as a separate level, then load (or load-additive), and see how long it takes. If too much time, load-additive (in Editor) to get it into your 'main' scene, then either put it all on another layer, hide/disable it until needed, and/or move it physically to a different part of space (then relocate the minigame scene root or player when the time comes).