New Script Required if making mix machine game

Hi ,
I am a beginner in unity and i have started working on this new project. I am using the sample project Tank from unity . i want to ask if i have to use different machine with tank do i have to write new script for each object i am adding in game or i can just duplicate the one from the sample and use them with other tank or cars etc?

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One of the skills of a good coder is to write re-usable scripts. If you have a script called “Vehicle”, say, it shouldn’t care whether it’s attached to a tank, a car, a helicopter, or a bus. You can then write more specific subclasses of “Vehicle” for, say, “Flying Vehicle”, “Wheeled Vehicle”, which implement specific features for those classes.
So, if there’s nothing specifically “tank-y” about your script, you should use that same script on every vehicle.