New Scripts have no autocomplete..

Hi there, having a bit of odd behavior in Monodevelop, basically if I try to do Debug.Log it does not autocomplete, although if I do type it in, Debug appears in blue.

Also, if at the top I type ‘using’ the only two autocomplete options which appear are ‘microsoft’ and ‘system’.

Oddly, this behaviour is only on new scripts I try to make - c# scripts which I made in the past, and in the same location as my new scripts autocomplete as expected, and typing ‘using’ at the top gives me a long list of autocomplete possibilities.

Solved it myself:

Somehow my project.sln file had become write only - I was getting an error in the console on startup that this was the case, but it hadn’t affected the running of unity, as far as I can see, but changing it to be writeable fixed this problem.

Leaving this here as it may well help someone else in the future.