New settings gui....

So I'm failing to see how this new one is better than how I already have it, as seen in that video/image from the twitter link, that inspector panel is practically twice the width of my default inspector... all so it can get in a freaking sidebar!?, what is so bad about just having tabs at the top, or reworking that preference panel so that if the width goes below a certain size, the layout is changed so that those sidebar items become tabs at the top instead.. would be much better and more flexible if its going to be displayed where I'd imagine most people use an inspector sidebar at a width much less than that.

right now.. not better at all for me as can be seen in the uploaded, where you see part of it in 2nd half the animation, where I have the project settings and the sub settings as tabs.. they all open up in the inspector below.. better usage of screen space to me..

also new settings panel doesn't have icons for the submenu items, they are visually useful, start adding them thanks.

I personally love the new settings panel, but to each their own.


I totally love this an it has saved me plenty of time already. This and the Unity Hub have removed a lot of tedium from my life and made me happy.

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Could be better in layout options, that's all.. at least it has its own floating panel I'll just use it detached and not bother attaching it to the inspector sidebar, because it just sucks on width space usage.

I came up with this a while ago:

It's basically all settings in a single window at once. Perhaps it's useful for someone.

I like the settings panel. It is very common for me to check/change settings of different nature and this daves me the need tonsurf trough long and nested menu constantly.

Love new settings and prefs panels, they make more sense after extended use patterns because previously people would lose for example, physics settings because they clicked something or edited something, and have to hunt it again in menus. Now they can dock and return.

I do similar for our game settings so it’s nice to have that logic happening.

Here’s the problem, it’s not supposed to be stuffed in the inspector. Like other prefs menus, it’s supposed to be it’s own window. Dock it where the scene view tab is instead :slight_smile:

Previously Unity were abusing the inspector area which was not designed for settings, menus and things that aren’t actually in the scene/hierarchy view to be inspected…

Yes of course it is better with it's own settings panel and not taking over the inspector.. I don't see why I needed to acknowledged that... it's a no brainer that should have been done ages ago.

What I'm getting at is that I still prefer how my workaround worked with allowing me to use the same sidebar for viewing settings in.. with tabs for most used at the top.. not taking up and wasting width space.

The Project Setting tab mod, made use of shortcuts like "EditorApplication.ExecuteMenuItem("Edit/Project Settings/Audio");" clearly no equivalent now, so that's all broken in 2018.3.. because it's all been dumped in a Settings panel that doesn't work or look all that good when put into a sidebar with what is probably a pretty common layout width, as I have it.. Having just another floating panel isn't great neither is having it docked in another panel like the scene view tab only to have to switch out of ... before clicking on anything else in the scene etc would replace the inspector view etc. get it?

The solution for me to be happy would be
1. Settings panel, has sidebar that can be resized so that the sidebar menu isn't visible , ie just a little ~5px gripper to drag out etc .. could make this fancy and nice.
2. Equivalent way of using EditorApplication.Execute("Settings/Audio");" where it loads that up panel, in the Settings panel, with the menu sidebar closed.

Done I'm happy again. Right now Settings Panel is a damn regression on my workaround, you may all find it much better than you all had it before.. I don't, not yet.

certainly that 2018.3 has something wrong in terms of content fitting.