New Tags to mark Content

In response to the issues that you have found, could we ask you wonderful moderators to use the following new tags to identify posts that you find, that have either a broken link (Broken-Link), broken image attachment (Broken-Image) or broken code formatting (Broken-Code-Format) that would be awesome, we will then fix them.

I can say that:

The broken internal links is due to Answerhub using a different system for answer links to question links which we will be working on a fix please keep calling them out so we can work through them.

The broken code and images are a bit odd we are extracting them out of the database and replacing them manually while we work out what is causing it so we can automate the fix.


Here’s one big broken code post:

It posted like that so I don’t know what to say, I copy and paste it straight from visual studio. What do you suggest? A screen shot of the code or?! Just a response saying it’s broken doesn’t quite help.

Sorry, that post wasn’t meant for you but to alert moderators to some broken code formatting (big in the sense of many formatting issues in a long code segment). This seems to happen here and there and mods need to fix this and perhaps check if this is some kind of issue of the discussion software.

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