New Terminator game - --


I have an idea, for a new Terminator game and, I wanted to share some ideas and, concepts . .

It's about a man, who thinks he's a machine and, a killer . . Skynet sent two robots back, to be his foster-parents and, give him a special name, to identify with . . The goal is, for him to infiltrate the media and, become a star, a hero . . So, people will trust him and, like him . . He's not a Terminator, a real person but, because of identity problems and, conflicts, he think he's a missile, a computer . . His goal is to start Judgment day and, Global Annihilation, which they prevented, in the previous movies . .

So, because he thinks he's a machine, he can smile and, pretend for the cameras and, nothing scares him, he's untouched, and like a machine, he doesn't want fame or, money, he just wants to complete his mission . . He's fully human but, thinks like a machine, a robot . . Brain-washed, by the identity and, moniker his fake adoptive Terminator robots gave him, to set him, on that path . .

He's very popular and, in demand, because he thinks he's a cruise missile and, on mission . . He thinks he's a guided missile and, bomb, not human, he thinks he's a Tomahawk Cruise Missile . . So, when they point the camera at him, he doesn't feel anything, no emotions . . So, he can do anything and, pretend anything, he thinks like one of these, a robot - -

His idea of fun, is to fly like a guided missile and, destroy people . . He loves Hollywood, it's violence . . His parents has given him a name and, identity, so he thinks he's an apostle, almost, one of Christ's disciples . . So, he believes he belong in Hollywood, of all people, because he's teaching them the Gospel and, a Good religion . . He stays, trough the darkest times, to save people . . That keeps him going, energized . . But, he's also a killer, and a murderer . . A Terminator, really . . .

He's a human being, on the surface, but he's been brain-washed into thinking, he's a Terminator, by a firm identity and, upbringing . .

His middle name, sounds like the Spanish word ' Cruz ' or, cross, which is a subtle way, of reminding other people to treat him, like Christ, or else . . So, everyone is nice to him, like that . . So, he never feels down or, sad by a life, in the States, it doesn't get him down or, worry him . . Other people treat him nice, because of his name and, the way, it sounds . . And, this also helps him get to power, because other people bow to him and, respect him, even when they don't want to or, care . . Their conscience and, faith makes them believe him, honor him . . The Terminators knew this and, carefully planned it, to win . . .

In movies, he gets instant fame, he's charming, confident . . Nothing moves or, disturbs him, not even the other actors or, director . . It's all nothing to him, worthless, because deep down he thinks he's a machine, not human . . After rising to fame, in Hollywood and, not having any more challenges, he fulfils his mission . . He uses his fame, to enter politics and, makes many friends, admirers . . The Republicans like him, because he doesn't care about any of their schemes or, ideas, they don't scare or, intimidate him, his only focus is to get nearer, to the launch button and, anything that does that, any dirty deal or, scheme is provident, to him and, his mission . .

When he finally becomes President, he starts small, innocent wars, that spiral out of control and, management . . When they escalate and, other peoples get involved, especially China and, also Korea, Russia, he destabilizes it cunningly and, it leads to a full, nuclear war, between states . . On the surface, he's confident but, he has a flaw, an error . . Because of his upbringing and, name he doubts himself, like a doubting Thomas, a pretender . . Thomas was from the Bible and, he doubted even Christ, when seeing him, so he identifies with this and, doubt everything and, can never trust love or, friendship . . So, the thing that drives him, keeps him motivated is, that love is forever slightly out of reach, impossible . . So, no matter what happens in Hollywood, he will keep going, keep looking . . Nothing satisfies him, or gives him peace, comfort . . The thing he's missing is love and, faith . . So, he keeps working, to find what he's missing but, that will never happen, in the dirty, ugly schemes, of Hollywood and, movies . . When he has reached the summit of power and, control, he decides there's nothing left, in entertainment, to fulfil him . . This point was crafted and, precision-made, by his Terminator robots . . Everyone admires and, respects him . . Loves him . . .

When he finally realizes, no one in Hollywood can compete, he decides the last challenge, in America, is to become President or, ruler . . The Terminators have designed this moment, in secret, they don't just understand anatomy or, such things, to become better killers, they understand the soul and, psyche . . Using that, they design the perfect Terminator, who's fully human and, has no machine parts . . He's just brain-washed into thinking, he's a machine, a Terminator, a Cruise missile, dressed, as a man or, character . .

When he finally gets power, he has no human motivations, he only cares about the other guided missiles, in U.S. armory and, missile silos and, helping them reach their goal and, destination . . He sees them, as his true family and, kin . . So, because he's secretly a robot, with no remorse or, real feelings, he starts World War III and, Nuclear destruction, of the planet, because he feels that is best, for his family, the missiles . . He uses the many years, where he's carefully and, intentionally built his fame, to finally enter politics and, global power . . He then starts wars and, conflicts, that spiral out of control, lead, to war, nuclear retaliation . .


He is not interested in humanity, just cruise missiles and, fuel . . He is able to do the most fantastic things, because he's a machine, looking human . . By getting him elected, the Terminators cause human extinction, world-wide . . The Terminator-man finally reveals his true identity, when it's over, mission complete . .

Tom Cruise . . Or, Tomahawk Cruise Missile . . Cool story, what do you think or, believe . .

I need some people who know level design and, advanced game mechanics, to try and, make it, he's the ultimate Terminator, a human who delusion-wise thinks, He's a cruise missile - -

Could it be cool, as a fiction - -

Here's, the first trailer and, ideas . .

The greatest Terminator infiltration, Ever, in the world, of man - -

A Final mission, for Skynet and, death - - To Annihilate, the world And, man - --

Great idea, What do You think - -§

Skynet's greatest Infiltration, the T-2000000000, a Human terminator, without a conscience or, faith - - A robot - --



On, mission . . .

A Great idea, for game . . Does any-one care to give their ideas or, so I have basic models made and, can make animations and, so, it Could be cool, Real epic - -

Ha ha, not even James Cameron has this idea, I think - - It Be good - -- But, I Want to make a game, I Like them - -

I found this picture and, wanted to make a Terminator inspired game or, title - -

the page, was called Skynet central - -

You haven't actually described any sort of game here. Usually in a game the player has some sort of controller and does something. Will that be part of your game as well?


Well, I thought the game could be about stopping him and, ending with it stopping the Cruise missiles, at the last moment, almost . . I'm not sure what could be the best way, to make such a game, it would have to be about a hero or, a nice person, in some way, that for some reason figures it out and, has to solve it, before it's over - - Either a first person or, third person character but, I'm not sure how the hero figures this stuff out, maybe he just reads conspiracy web-pages and, on a random day, finds the elements that, get him started - - in the end, the Human Terminator figures him out, tries to kill him or, with goons . .

You're right, I thought about the plot but, not the game . . My mistake - --

the only way would be, if someone was sent back, from the future and, knew some of it but, didn't have all the facts, so the game is really about gathering clues and, making them ' fit ' . . But, the game needs to be more, than that, perhaps an element is, player has to find clues and, sort of make them fit and, Reveal the truth - -

Another aspect could be, the player has to sneak into places or, big houses, to steal the information, he needs to get closer . . So, breaking into houses and, other places, to get a bigger part, of the picture - -

There could also be social games, where the player has to convince other people, to open their doors or, businesses . . So, social puzzles where, you have to get other people, to let them in or, open doors - -

There could also be a ' sneak ' element, of following people, with information and, hacking into police, FBI and, CIA data-bases, to check, for good evidence - -

last, Skynet could have sent back 12 Terminators, in disguise, that will hunt the player and, show up, because skynet sort of knew a ' fixer ' had been sent back and, they could have various powers, power to control vehicles or, electronic equipment, they could use hacking and, so to track the player or, they could control satelittes or, even hangar ships and, and make them attack or, send drones - -

So, the game is about surviving battles, with Terminators, with various Abilities - - so, you never know when they spot you, or try to murder you also don't know their identity, At all - -

I'm not sure, can you help - -

Maybe the only way he can stop the Original Terminator is, to fight and, steal the information, in the last Terminators, that's the last information he needs, to kill the Terminators and, analyze their minds and, Chips - - So, there will be many fight-scenes, where the Terminators find him and, otherwise send weaponized drones or, other things after the player, the 12 Terminators can even work together, in some part, so the fights involve either running and, getting away or, finding a way to Kill them, before they get you . . The problem will be, to invent 12 Terminators, with Important differences but, they don't need to be 1-time boss, some of them could come back and, try to kill, again, some-times escaping is, the best way or, option - --

Okay, so the game is about, you have to go out and, find evidence, search databases and, records but, when you do, the 12 Terminators that hunt you, start finding your location too and, you have to avoid them, because they'll kill you or, stop you - -

So, it's sort of a game, where one is forced to expose one-self, to defeat the bad guy but, that means Deadly robots start chasing you and, kill you - - Also, they can go into cyber-space and, try and stop you, while you hack - --

So, I guess it's a lot like Assassin's creed with stealth and, getting past guards, but more hi - tech and, I don't know, Need ideas - -

I also found this picture, on the internet and, it seems he looks like a terminator, his eyes are clear, like a robot, it's just a cool story, That's all - -
5093741--501911--tom b25453.jpg


lol Maybe he thinks he's a Terminator when he acts, So funny - -- that would explain his fame and, renown, they don't have feelings, you need that, as an actor, Of course - - Icy-cold blood And, Steeled nerves, All the Way - -$

lol I'm trying to find out if I can make a game, about it, Please help - -

I just saw the image, of him as a Terminator on a web-site and, thought what if he is and, Becomes president, that's his next challenge, I suppose - -- I don't know, Just an Idea - -

If you do decide make platformer, or maybe 2.5D you maybe can. In the end, you also working on other game at the same time.

Other than that, you like focus on writing stories rather actual making games. So I would keep it simple as it can be, if I were you.

To be honest, maybe just make a visual novel.

Ok, so how about when he was a little kid (Missile Man), his brother was hurt in an accident that his parents blamed on him. He eventually killed his parents (by accidental fire) and him and his brother were put in different homes until her was adopted by his skynet peeps.

His brother however was adopted by another terminator, a reprogrammed good one who trains him to take out Missile Man, who he doesn't know is his brother. You play as the good brother and need to take out Missile Man.

Your game could be like Mafia 3, to get to missile man by taken out all his generals etc. Third or First person will do, and you can gather people to help you in your fight. Technically you could make this fit in most genres of games, however I doubt you would be able to get the license to make it, you would need to pretty much create your own IP, which isn't a bad thing.

Anywho cool story, and good luck.

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I like the idea about a fire, because accidents with Cruise missiles involve fire and, explosions . .

Your story idea is AMAZING, Where have you Been, Omg - -

Tell me more, You Got the idea, For Hell's sake, I Need more - --

I wrote some more, to finish it - -

Okay, so I can try and get permission to call it a Terminator game or, we could go one step higher and, call it a ' Devastator ' robot or, even an ' Annihilator ' . . Or, we could make up our own story, where it's just psychology and, mind - tricks but, still similar . . Maybe he has 12 secret expert assassin's working for him, that trawl the internet for clues, about any-one trying to stop him . . Your ideas are great, can we make some concept art or, Early images . .

More text, it's rather long, it elaborates on, what Might happen . .

" If you look at Thomas Cruise Mapother, or as we know him, Tom Cruise his entire career is defined by these two things, a. doubt, in others and, even himself, at times and, b. acting, like a cruise missile . . A Tomahawk cruise missile . . He's just trying to live up to his name, that's all . . And, when he's done with Hollywood, because he has beaten them all, there are no more challenges or, problems, to contend with, because the people there have failed to impress or, sway him, because you can't sway a machine, convince it, especially on that runs on doubt and, mis-trust, in others and, their lives, then he will go looking for something else to fulfil him, make him whole . . And, the only place where there's more power and, more money and, real status involved, is in Washington, where everyday decisions influence the lives of millions and, where movie budgets are trivial, compared to the money and, issues he'll get to decide, in secret . . Washington is the only place where there's more at stake and, prominence, than Hollywood, he'll go there to find new challenges and, obstacles, the only place where his need to push himself and, make something of himself, before he dies can be met . . And, once there, his sub-conscious fascination with cruise missiles and, bombs will lead him to start wars and, conflicts . . It's the best fun and, the most alive he's ever felt, when he pushes the button and, launches . . It's like a little part of him coming alive, a rush, an addiction . . It's the only thing that can make him feel alive and, he can't be President without realizing he has that power or, option, for more than a few days, weeks, at the most . . He will be reminded and, associated with the military constantly, in Washington and, have to deal with foreign political issues, including war, on an almost daily basis, during international crisis or, foreign disputes . . Only in Washington is the game and, power bigger, than in Hollywood or, the media . . To feel alive, which he thinking he's a cold bomb, a calculating device, won't give him anywhere, because he's already ' dead ', his survival instincts and, needs to feel love, will drive him crazy and, into insanity, to avoid death and, obliteration . . The conflicts in his personality, that can be seen with a keen eye, if looked for, will drive him mad and, into a frenzy . . Deep down, he's just trying to survive, find love, before he dies . . But, because of his personality, that can't happen, it's impossible . . His doubt and, mechanical identity and, self, will never be able to find those things, not really . . The only place he will find meaning and, a sense of belonging, are among cruise missiles and, weapons . . There he will feel a sense of belonging and, comfort . . His home, the American military, especially expensive military hardware, like atomic sub-marines, nuclear naval carriers and, other advanced hardware and, technology, in the army . . All these things, will drive an ever greater need, to be around and, associate with these things . . And, whenever he fires a cruise missile, he'll feel alive, a bit more safe . . Because, by helping another cruise missile, he feels alive and, warm, as a machine . . When one of his ' own ' succeds ', he also succeeds a little bit, on it's behalf . . He will soon discover, the feeling of being alive, he's longing for, is strongest when ballistic or, guided missiles are flying . . And, here's the problem, that feeling only lasts as long, as the missile is in the air, on target . . When it blows up, he feels empty and, more miserable than before, when it hits, there's no more sense of him flying, because he's flying ' through ' it and, with it . . When it blows up, there's nothing but emptiness and, silent death . . Until he fires the next one or, the next one . . By the time he realizes how his personality works, it will be too late, impossible, to stop, almost entirely . . If, he realizes it, at all, he might not ever, do that . . So, what are we looking at, a man who will go to ever greater extremes and, challenges to feel alive and, survive . . Hollywood bores him, because the other actors can't keep up and, when he knows first hand he can beat all of them, almost, he'll leave because, it doens't make him feel alive. The feeling of incertainty, that something fascinating or, thrilling might happen, becomes turned into the feeling, that nothing new or, exciting will happen, he's seen it all, all the actors and, they don't impress or, scare him . . When he realizes that, he'll go looking for a bigger game, ' challenge ' . . That challenge, is Washington . . The people there are acting and, the stakes are a lot higher, global security, vast power . . And, the people there aren't acting or, lying, they're politicians . . So, in trying to convince them he'll find a bigger challenge, than Hollywood . . Convincing other world class liars and, entertainers, that you aren't lying or, dishonest, is a challenge, only a machine can mount or, a formidable and, incredible human being . . But, they all know they're lying and, it's for profit and, fame . . In Washington, they aren't lying and, the stakes are vastly higher . . So, when Hollywood and, global fame bores him and, doesn't give him a feeling of being alive and, ' flying ', he'll look for places, that might offer than excitement . . The only place that will ever happen, is in Washington, among the politicians and, power . . The amount of money, at stake in Washington, makes movie theaters seem utterly pathetic and, meaningless, they handle trillions, of dollars, every day . . And, if he makes a mistake, it could destabilize the country or, start a war, there he will find something, that on the surface, is more exciting than Hollywood . . But, it won't last long because, soon it will become an everyday chore or, task . . Because, if one thing is certain, we all know, politics are really boring and, taxing, long meeting and, boring discussions, over small matters or, issues . . He will find that the last place on earth, where he had hoped to find meaning and, love, doesn't contain it . . It's just some boring people, doing their job because, they have to and, pretend they care and, it's important . . When he realizes that, the only way he can avoid ' feeling dead ' is, to see cruise missiles fly, in the sky, like family and, friends . . He will go to that extreme, to feel alive, feel ' important ' . . His chase, to avoid death, is only possible when, the bombs are falling and, raining, on people . . His only option, is to launch . . "


Okay, so his brother and, himself are playing with gasoline, because it’s fun and, he accidentally starts a fire, that either burns his brother badly or, kills him . . He tries to act sorry but, deep down he can’t really feel it, because as a missile, he’s supposed to start fires, when he launches . . So, he never really finds peace, with the incident . . He doesn’t know what he did wrong, with both parents yelling at him, so that leads him, eventually, into a foster home, where the Terminator robots have been waiting and, secretly were behind him getting gasoline and, matches that day, To make him go bad . .

Another choice is, he could do something, that set off an explosion, that killed his brother and, put him in the hospital . . When he wakes up, he knows something new . . Explosions make him feel more alive, than anything else, he ever felt . . On the surface, he doesn’t say that but, he knows it, deep inside and, wants more, more power . .


5096636--502292--tom cruise 535.png

He’s a human being, that thinks like a Terminator, A lot - -

Does any-one else have any ideas, how this could be turned into a cool game, we Need Cut-scenes, 3D Models and, actors - -§

Here's a new bit of information, Tom Cruise met Penelope Cruz, while making a movie, named ' Vanilly Sky ', it seems Tom Cruise has learnt something new, because of the cover, he looks like he thinks he's Jesus or, the Cross - - Cruz is spanish name, for Christ's cross and, Penelope C. was raised Roman Catholic so, she Probably told him - - Identifying and, seeing himself as the True Cross, he could look like this, On the Cover, Of DVD :

10000000945869--502295--pene cruzbu35.jpg



CRUZ : Does Tom Cruise know his name, Cruise has the same sound, as ' Cruz ' ? Probably yes, because he played against Penelope Cruz, a spanish global star, who's been in many movies and, films . . When he met her, he learnt his name meant cross, in spanish and, that even she could see through his ploys, when he hid behind the name and, made others feel ashamed and, little . . He knows he can get away with lying about it, to someone who knows spanish and, whose own name, is Cruz, pronounced Cruz, a global celebrity with, enormous power and, self-confidence . . He knows he can lie about, to almost anyone, especially those who don't know and, get away with it, when he wants, without getting seen or, ' caught ', for hiding or, masqerading, behind the cross, of Heaven . . He knows, his disguise and tricks work and, no one understands them, not fully . . Penelope was raised a Roman Catholic, born to working class-parents . . She would have been told or, learned what Cruz meant, in Spanish and, have told Tom Cruise, if he didn't know . . So, the last piece, to understand what he thinks he is, is that he thinks, he's the cross . . That explains his surprised and, wide-eyed looks, in the movies . . He thinks he's Jesus and, Heaven . . And, there's no lies or, sins in Heaven, a look of pure innocence and, faith, for the world . . As innocent and, pure as Jesus Christ, on a Sunday . . That's all his looks and, power in movies, revealed, in his names and, self-understanding . . He developed a whole new idea, of what it meant to be a ' Cruz ' Cruise, by being around her . . She showed him, by her example and, taught him, like a friend and, brother . . In names, they were siblings and, she taught him what Spanish Roman Catholicism meant and, to be real, because he was a ' Cruise ', like her, related, bonded . . She taught him everything, in act and, word . . And, he thought he was also Christ, in his expanding sense of self, in media . . He learnt, to be love, in that movie, from another star, Penelope Cruz, Roman Catholic . . He learnt, to feign the love, of Christ, in that movie, to ' be ' it . .

lol Wouldn't it be cool, if it actually happened, Omg lol - -

Uhm, Darkkbeast is right, terminator name is taken but, maybe we can come up with a Cooler idea, If we Want - -$

it begins, when a smaller demon, an imp ' possesses ' a Cruise missile, because it's lost, in a mission to make a Millitary bunker Go rotten, With sin - - It magically ' possesses ' a Tomahawk missile and, once inside, it uses Evil spells And, spurious means, to turn it into a human looking Cruise missile, For money - --

5098991--502610--imp 90u3b535.png


In that disguise, it start entering the media and, takes over The movies - -