New Tilemap Features Mentioned In Roadmap For 2020.1

I was looking through some of the stuff being released for 2020.1 and saw the the following snippet in the file I uploaded with this post. 5803066--613501--Capture.PNG

Can I get some clarity on the new clipboard improvement and game object support in the tile palette window?


The formatting is a little off when I submitted the updates, it should be:

  • Tile Palette Clipboard Improvements

  • Additions of Gizmos and GameObject support in the Tile Palette window

"Additions of Gizmos" lets you add components with Gizmo Rendering (eg. using OnDrawGizmos) to the Tile Palette Asset to be shown on the Tile Palette. This can be toggled on and off. This may be helpful to annotate certain Tiles on the Tile Palette for more clarity.

"GameObject support" let you place and pick GameObjects set in the Tile Palette asset to be "painted" on the scene (where painting means cloning the GameObject on the scene) by supported Grid Brushes. Currently, supported brushes are available here (, specifically the GameObject Brush) but do not come with the Unity Editor.


Thank you for the answer this makes a lot more sense. Even if I have to download a separate brush this alone makes life a lot easier for making large maps. Thank you for your hard work

super stoked! This was a feature I requested.

Does this only work in the beta or does it by any chance work in the alpha for 2020.2?

It should work with the alpha for 2020.2 as well.