new to scripting need some fps controll help plz :)

i have searched the forums and answers and i get alot of scripts that dont work, or dont explain to someone as nooby as me how to use them. can i just copy the paste the script into a new, empty Javascript? or do i have to add it to an existing script. these are some thing i dont.

im very tired and worn out, sorry if this is sloppy.
i want to make my FPS controller go the way i am facing, i got it so it faces up when i move my camera up and it spins and such, but it only goes around on the X and Z axis, and when i look up it still goes straight. iv played with alot of scripts and tried to edit them but im too new and nothing works. please could use some help guys :slight_smile:

I just can give you some links to get you started with scripting because if you donĀ“t understand them how are you going to edit them right?

First things first:

Newbie Guide

Check out:

Script Reference

Hope it helps, Happy Learning.

Hi rob 2,

you may find the good FPS tutorial in this link developed by unity . check this

and you may get everything from unity3d tutorials and resources.

hope this information 'll help.