New to textures/How to make

I know how to create basic textures for grass and landscapes, but I don’t understand how to make them fit just right onto objects. For example:

alt text

How would I make a texture that fits perfectly on the bus like in Mad World. Or the textures on the people. How do you fit them on? This may sound like an extremely dumb question since I am very new to this. What I can do now is just take a generic texture, and have it sort of painted on to the object with no precision. Like the ground in this photo. Thanks in advance.

To place textures on 3D objects in a scene, you need to understand the concept of UV mapping. This isn’t something you do in Unity - it’s something you do directly with the model in whatever 3D modeling program you’re using. Please check google (or youtube) for introductions to UV mapping and 3D modeling.