New to Unity - Information Dialog

Hello All,

I am looking at using Unity as a platform for interactive self guided interpretation. I have yet to start to use Unity, but before I begin, I would like to know that it can handle things that I am hoping to perform. The main thing I would like to do is have object hold information. I am thinking of something like text info (ie: this building was built in 1892). I am hoping that the first person character can walk over to it, and either within a distance of the object a text box will pop-up, or you can use a button on a controller to activate the text information.

Is this something that could be done in Unity?


You could put a collider on the building and a collider on your first-person character. When they intersect, you could use the GUI system to display a popup message.

I suspect there’s at least another 10 ways to accomplish this too.