New to unity, need help

are there any videos i can see to let me get a feel of what i can do and how as well to do my own stuff like character designs or something? i want to be able to get good and be able to start making my own stuff?.

This is probably the best source for tutorials on unity:

Google is your friend for every problem — use it! By googling ‘unity starter tutorials’ I got tons of text and video sources to learn how to use Unity’s interface, learn basic programming and many others.

Unity starter tutorials.

Designing a character is a different problem entirely. It involves drawing, modelling, texturing, rigging and animating. For starters google ‘Blender tutorials’ and then ‘Blender character modelling tutorials’, ‘Blender character texturing tutorials’ etc. It’s not a short process, and it’ll take some time to master every bit of this process.

– David