New to Unity, Noob

I downloaded the newest version of Unity 3D. When I create a new project, select Standard Assets and then a name, it opens up to a blank scene. There's no grid. Only thing there is is the main camera. What to do from here?

Thank you!

The answer would depend on what you want to do, or what you are trying to achieve. If you wanted to play around with Unity on your own, you could created some game objects (like starting with a plane, then putting some spheres or cubes with rigidbodies above it).

Just navigate to GameObject -> Create Other -> [choose the object you want to create in the Scene].

Since you've just started out with Unity, I highly recommend going through the tutorials available here: Unity Documentation Page Link

I suggest starting out with the 3D Platformer tutorial, gives you the lowdown in 1 to 2 days completion time ;)

Also i found these videos helpful!

only just downloaded unity a few days ago and i know some of the basics because of them.


they take you through the basics step by step and teach you some useful tools, scripts, tricks etc.

Really hope this has helped you =)

This book really helped me out when it came to breaking into unity and getting a feel for the engine. It’s by Will Goldstone, and is a step by step guide on the features of Unity and how to utilize them.